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Starting @ $95 Plus shipping and handling


Special order item as they come in all different sizes depending on what type of car is purchased this is just a sample the ones that we make for hot dog carts have two doors could reach into the cooking area and yet keep it clean free.


  • The Acrylic 5 Sided Box is easily among the most cost-effective and lightweight ways to increase the utility of your space while protecting and showcasing the things you display in or on them
  • Fabricated of crystal clear material with an understated design
  • Easily combined to create custom display areas
  • Plexiglass display cases are available in several sizes, perfect for a variety of retail and other uses
  • Use as dump bins, pedestals or covers for valuables.
  • Transparent polished acrylic is both durable and economical
  • Box dimensions are EXTERIOR with a tolerance of +/- 1/8 inch. Dimensions are provided in the following order:
    • Height: How tall is the box when the open side is facing up or down
    • Width: The narrower of the two base dimensions
    • Length: The longer of the two base dimensions

Acrylic 5 Sided Box


    Call For Pricing 


    or 786-338-1553

    The Kobe beef hotdog Frank's

    Why sell a regular hot dog when you can sell the Rolls-Royce of hotdogs delivered fresh nationwide The average price of a Kobe beef hotdog in the East Hamptons is being sold for $25 each be unique sell the best make more money buy. Frank's Kobe beef tried the difference and see how your hotdog cart sales will spike!

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