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The 6.5 ft Vinyl steel skeleton Advertising Umbrella is a available in several beach concession printed designs. Quality is the standard - Commercial Grade Beach Product, featuring a 2 piece 1 1/2 inch Aluminum pole with a flat end, 6 panels Hexagon design with Valance. The canopy is made of Heavy Gauge Vinyl Material that completely obscures the sun. This product is recommended for use with an umbrella base, holder, or cart to ensure the best stability. This umbrella is typically used on a vending cart. 


Product Details:

  • 6.5' diameter x 6 panels Hexagon
  • Heavy Gauge Vinyl Material
  • 5.0 mm Zinc Plated Steel Ribs
  • Stainless Steel Joints & Rivets
  • Galvanized Steel Notch
  • Non-Twisting End Tips
  • Metal Bell Cap
  • UPF 50+
  • Valance
  • No Tilt
  • Commercial Grade

Aluminum Center Pole
• 1 3/8" Diameter Upper Pole
• 1 1/2" Diameter Lower flat bottom Pole

Carry Bag Not Included 
Umbrella Base not included

Concession Cart Umbrella - Royal Blue


    Call For Pricing 


    or 786-338-1553

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