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Customers often wonder, "How can I make kettle corn? Do I need a specific type of kettle to make it? Is there a special type of sugar you need to use to make it?"

We thought we would take some time to let you know some of these answers and show you some of the machines you can use to make kettle corn.

Many have associated kettle corn with big giant kettles and someone stirring the corn around as it pops. But the truth is that you can do kettle corn in any Gold Medal popcorn popper if you use our #2538 Pop-N-Glaze™ Sweet Corn Mix. Pop-N-Glaze™ can be used in any kettle, and it coats the corn with a clear, sugary glaze. Just add 3 oz. of glaze for 6-oz. kettles to get that tasty, sweet crunch!

We also offer the Salt/Sweet Switch option on our larger kettles, which lowers the kettle temperature by about 40°. It helps the batch cook better and the sugar won't burn due to the large volume of sugar that you're adding to the kettle. Add 24 oz. of glaze in a 48-oz kettle—this is where the lower kettle temperature of the Salt/Sweet Switch helps.

The poppers labeled "Kettle Corn" are all made with this 40°-45° lower temperature already programmed. It's best to use the Pappy's Mix from Gold Medal in these machines.

Kettle Corn


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