$195 for installation on cart or can be shipped seperately, plus shipping and handling.


This portable 2.2 cu ft freezer is by far the least expensive non-electric refrigerator/freezer on the market, making it perfect for "seasonal users": campers, hunters and those with second homes, cabins or cottages. User-friendly features like thermostat, side-mounted controls, built-in leveling device, flame indicator and Piezo igniter make the Unique Freezer/Refrigerator easy to use. 

The Unique Freezer/Refrigerator runs on three-way power (LP gas, 110V and 12V) to handle just about any situation. enables you to use it in countless settings and activities.

  • Carrying handles on the sides make it easy to carry and load.
  • Available in charcoal color only
  • CSA certified
  • Made in Canada



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